William Shakespeare
Shakespeare (Shakespeare) William (23.4. 1564, Stratford-on-Avon, - 23.4.1616, ibid.), English playwright and poet. Rod in the family of an artisan and merchant John S. He studied at a grammar school,…

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The most famous scientists
Considerable contribution to science is made by scientists and eminent scientists. In every field of science there are a number of especially honored, famous scientists. For example, speaking of psychology,…

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Charlie Chaplin
Sir Charles Sainser "Charley" Chaplin, KBE (English Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin; April 16, 1889 - December 25, 1977) - an outstanding American and English film actor, screenwriter, composer and director,…

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defeat him in that sense

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Fidel Castro

The leader of the Cuban revolution, Comandante, the permanent leader of Cuba for more than fifty years – all this is about him the great and terrible Fidel Castro. About this person, probably, everyone knows. About him written countless books and filmed a huge number of documentary films. Someone called him the national leader of Cuba, and someone – one of the most famous dictators in the history of mankind.
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Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov

Upon arrival, during the year a student, who fouled a teacher and interrupted his studies in Germany without authorization, presented his dissertations in chemistry and physics to academicians. In 1742 he managed to earn an associate position in the Physical Class, began research, experiments, astronomical observations, reading public lectures in his native language. Continue reading

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus is an eminent Polish astronomer who initiated a new understanding of the world system, abandoning the preceding teaching on the position of the Earth as the center of the universe that has existed for many centuries. In his brilliant work “On the rotation of the celestial spheres,” the scientist argues that the observed movements of the celestial bodies are the result of the rotation of the Earth around its axis and the rotation of the planets around the Sun. Continue reading

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Emomali Rahmon
Emomali Sharipovich Rakhmon (real surname Rakhmonov) is a Tajik politician, since 1994 he has been the permanent president of the Republic of Tajikistan. BEGINNING CAREER EMOMALI RAHMON Since 1976, Emomali…


The name Nelson Mandela is synonymous with freedom, it is on a par with the names of Gandhi, Patrice Lumumba and Angela Davis. After spending a quarter of life in…