Catherine II The Great
Starting in 1762 her reign, Catherine II tried to arrange the state in accordance with the ideals of the Enlightenment. It embodied important and significant reforms for the empire, gaining…

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Dmitriy Peskov
The current press secretary of the head of Russia, Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov, was born in the capital. In 1989, he graduated from the country’s leading center for Oriental Studies, the…

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Denis Papen
Denis Papen is a famous French scientist, physicist, mechanic, talented inventor, who was well ahead of his time and made an important contribution to the development of technical progress. His…

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Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

The outstanding commander did not know a single defeat. Going all the way from a simple soldier to the top of the hierarchy of the Russian army, this talented man left a deep mark on our history.

– The future hero was an old noble family. His father, the general-in-chief and former orderly Peter the Great, himself taught his son in artillery matters. Due to Alexander’s poor health, no one even thought about his military career. However, yielding to the boy’s entreaties, he was still enrolled in the Semenov regiment.

– Suvorov received his first rank for deftly giving the Empress the honor. She became interested in a brave youth and, recognizing his last name, asked if he was related to Vasily Ivanovich. Hearing that it was Alexander’s father, Elizabeth handed the silver ruble to the soldier. But he refused, as it was forbidden to take money at the post. Then the Empress kissed Suvorov and put a coin at his feet. The next day, Suvorov was fired into corporals, and he kept the ruble as a talisman all his life.

– The baptism of the Russian generalissimo occurred at the end of the Seven Years War. The authorities were enough for them and described them as cold-blooded, courageous and quick when reconnoitating a fighter. Six years later, in the rank of colonel, he was appointed commander of the Astrakhan and then Suzdal regiments. In 1770, he received a major general.

– In the Russian-Turkish war, Suvorov won one victory after another. He took part in the defeat of the Pugachev gangs and delivered the instigator of the riots to the capital. Already being in the rank of general-in-chief, he received the title of count. For the famous march through the Alps, this great man received the Generalissimo. Also, he was rewarded with honors like a royal person, even in the presence of the emperor, who finally recognized Alexander’s services to the Fatherland.

– The brilliant commander was once dismissed for disagreeing with the new orders of Paul I, but in 1799 he was again called to serve the Fatherland.

– Alexander Vasilyevich is known not only as a military theorist and a brilliant commander, but also as a pious Christian. He attributed all his victories to the mercies of the Creator. After the battle, he hurried to the church, where he sang on the choir along with the servants.

Self-education. Since childhood, Alexander has become addicted to books and has been engaged in his education all his life, having independently studied mathematics, history, philosophy and, of course, military disciplines. In addition, he was a polyglot, fluent in eight languages.

Heritage. Suvorov brought up a galaxy of talented military leaders: P. Bagration, M. Miloradovich, M. Kutuzov, M. Platov, and others. M. Skobelev, M. Dragomirov and other equally famous Russian military leaders grew up on his ideas.

A favorite of soldiers, an independent person who has an independent judgment, he made an invaluable contribution to the development of the military art of the whole world. The very name of Alexander Suvorov became an eternal symbol of glory and valor.

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